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How To Sell Your Home Without Paying Commission

You don’t need to pay commission when selling your house. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with listings, brokers, agents, or hidden fees of any kind. Sounds too good to be true? 

There are several ways to do this: first, you can put your house up For Sale By the Owner (FSBO). This will take a lot of time and coordination on your part, and not everyone is up to the challenge. 

You can also use fee-for-service agents or brokers to handle specific parts of the process. 

However, the simplest method is to get an instant offer from an all-cash buyer who will take any house as-is. But before we get to that…

…let’s take a look at just a few of the things you need to handle in a FSBO sale:

Number 1: Get your property ready to sell.

Stage your house to make it feel open and inviting, which will not only boost its appeal but also help sell at a higher price. You should also make sure all major repairs are done, like replacing leaky roofs or mending plumbing issues, so potential buyers have no reason to pass on your home.

Number 2: Advertise your house

You will have the most success marketing your house if you use a variety of methods. This includes both digital and traditional advertising, as well as personal appearances by owners to show off their properties in person.

Number 3: Communicating with the Interested Parties

It’s imperative to have time set aside for calls and interactions with prospective buyers and their agents. Buyers always have questions that need answers, and you should be available to them.

Number 4: Contract Negotiations.

Contract negotiation can be a tricky and even intimidating task to tackle. Here’s what you can do to prepare for contract negotiations:

  1. Know your property’s value. A professional appraisal can provide you with a better idea of your home’s current market value.
  2. Be prepared with comparable sales from the past six months.
  3. Study the market before signing a contract. The market is always changing and some times are better than others to sell.
  4. Negotiate the buyer’s agent’s commission to be rolled into the sale price.
  5. Don’t rush. It’s important that you don’t sign anything unless you feel comfortable with the contract, price, and terms of sale.

You can also use fee-for-service brokers or agents to help you with specific parts of the process. Fee-only agents can help you do things like:

  • Set the price
  • Arrange prep, staging, and photography
  • List the home
  • Market the home and manage communications

Of course, you’ll have to manage all of the various pieces coming together if you still want to do parts of the process yourself.

If you want everything taken off your plate, without having to worry about brokers, agents, closing costs, commissions, repairs, cleaning, staging, photography, and listings…

the simplest and quickest way to sell your home without paying commission is to sell to an all-cash buyer like 321 House Buyers.

Whether you’re dealing with foreclosure, bankruptcy, liens, divorce, or you’re simply out of energy and need to make a deal fast – we will provide you a fair-market offer for your home as-is, in any condition. We have been helping homeowners just like yourself for years, so don’t hesitate. Contact us today at +1 (321) 323 9093 to get a quick cash offer, and help us take the stress of selling off your plate.

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