Selling an Inherited House in Florida
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Selling an Inherited House in Florida Pt. 2: Three Strategies

If you have recently inherited a house in Florida, there are some key things to consider when it comes to selling the property. In order to determine the best course of action, it’s important to understand what type of property you own and the legalities involved with selling it. For example, if you inherit a co-op, apartment building, or even some condos from a relative in Florida, then that may affect how quickly (and easily) you can sell it. In Florida, like in many other locations around the U.S, the type of property you are in possession with might very well have different restrictions on who is allowed to live in them. Whatever the situation calls for, it’s alway  ideal to know and understand what options are available to you.

If you have determined that you’re ready to have a go at selling an inherited house in Florida, you’re in luck! In this article we’ll be covering the top three strategies for helping you offload an inherited property that you’d rather not keep.

Strategy Number 1: Selling the House Yourself 

When dealing with the hardships of a loss, selling an inherited house in Florida can be a lot to deal with. However, if you have knowledgeable friends and some free time on the clock, this is definitely one of the options at your disposal. You’ll need to do a bit of market research to help ensure you are pricing the home correctly as well as taking repairs into consideration.

One of the best things about selling an inherited property yourself is that you can run into some savings from not having to pay out an agent’s commission or closing costs taken from the sale.

If you’re looking to maximize profit and saving when selling or dealing with inherited property in general, it’s important to understand the tax implications of your situation. In some cases an inheritance can be evaluated on a “gift” tax level instead of on income tax level.

Generally speaking, the market value of inherited properties is considered to be tax-free. If someone passes away and leaves their house to their children as a principal residence, they will not have to pay estate taxes for taking over ownership of the property.

However, if your home’s value has gone up significantly since you inherited it there may be some tax you’ll have to pay when taking or retaining ownership and/or selling up the house to someone else. It is always best that any type of potential taxes or fees are considered before making any decision regarding investment properties delivered via will agreements. 

Strategy Number 2: Selling Your House with a Realtor

The most traditional way people know how to sell a house is with an experienced Realtor. If you’re thinking about selling an inherited house in Florida, but not sure of all the legal implications, consider reaching out to some local probate attorneys, who can tell you if they have any references for realtors specializing in inherited homes clients like yourself.

They may also refer you on where best suited professionals might be found locally that would take care of all your needs – from finding buyers quickly through mediation and closing escrow without too much hassle!

Working with a realtor experienced in dealing with inherited properties can help simplify the process of selling an inherited house in Florida. Moreover, they’ll handle any paperwork that comes up in the process. In the same way, the buyer also gets access to an organized network with other like-minded individuals who can help them find what they’re looking for at fair prices! 

Strategy Number 3: Sell Your House to a Professional Home Buyer

The decision to sell an inherited property in Florida can be a difficult one to make, and there are no easy decisions, but if you’re interested in maximizing the financial side of the equation then working with an investor can be a very wise decision – especially if the cost of maintaining this property is unreasonable for its size and age.

When this occurs, the house may be priced well below what other properties would cost that have been updated significantly more recently, but it might just not have been worth investing into. If it’s a sentimental value tied to your family you could also consider purchasing a home closer near your relatives who live in the area to share inheritance with them while still collecting some income from renting out this property or continuing on as a homeowner for now if it suits needs better.

If you live in Florida and have inherited a home from a family member, we can help. 321 House Buyers is an experienced real estate investment company that specializes in the buying and selling of homes for cash. We understand how hard it can be to put your own life on hold while also trying to take care of someone else’s property or business interests, which is why we offer our friendly, knowledgeable services at no cost to appraise any properties you may want to sell. Our straightforward process works seamlessly with either buyers looking for their next project or sellers who need to liquidate assets quickly without hassle. For more information about what 321 House Buyers can do for you, please call us today!

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